I always find starting the hardest part, with most things in life, but once you pick up momentum it only gets easier, right?  I have been admiring the blogging scene from the side-lines for some time now, longing to be a part of it, but I have repeatedly talked myself out of taking the plunge.  So this time I am going to just go for it, without overthinking, I have dragged my courage out from deep within me whether it likes it or not, and here I am!  No going back now.

Writing is something I have always taken pleasure in, especially when it concerns something I care deeply about.  When I put pen to paper I can’t help but fully absorb myself in the words that flow before me, I let myself run away with them and it becomes my escapism.  I am a firm believer of following your heart and that your work is at its best if you enjoy it, which is why I feel that my words should no longer go to waste.

Life took a somewhat turbulent path for me not too long ago, and although it was one of my darkest times, I am thankful it happened because it made me stop and re-evaluate pretty much everything.  As part of this, I have discovered the importance of self-care, it is something I am very passionate about and I hope to help raise awareness of.

Family life and food (making and eating) are both big loves of mine too, I could talk about them endlessly, and much more.  I look forward to talking about everything together.


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A Mum & Wife blogging about motherhood, mental health & more.

2 thoughts on “Hello..

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere!
    I completely understand about taking the plunge with a blog and putting yourself out there for others to read. I was exactly the same. I think people put too much pressure on blogging. I believe people should write with their own intentions in mind and let others relate the best they can. Blogging also helps with those tough moments in your life. Its a great place to release all of that negative energy with writing.

    Looking forward to your updates!
    xx Shannon / http://www.duedatediaries.com

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    1. Thank you Shannon 💕 I’m still finding each post as nerve-racking as the first at the moment, but like you say it’s a great place to release the negative energy and it’s super comforting when people do relate! Thank you for reading 🙂 Xo


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