Wonderful Wednesdays – #YoungMumsProject

A little while ago I came across a few tweets floating about on Twitter talking about the hashtag #YoungMumsProject, I was immediately intrigued and began following Zoe, aka @mummyandliss, to find out more.  Without a doubt I am very glad I clicked follow, for Zoe has a beautiful blog which I find so inspirational, I love her varied and down to earth content, it’s no wonder that she has caught the eye of global parenting magazine The Baby Spot early in her blogging career, I know she will continue to go from strength to strength.

I take my hat off to the many parents who blog, parenting is tiring and time-consuming as it is, so making the decision and commitment to maintain a blog with the aim of helping others on top of their own family life is admirable in my opinion.

So I soon learned that the #YoungMumsProject would be a guest post series on the MummyandLiss blog where each Friday Zoe would share a post by another blogger talking about their thoughts and experiences as a young mum.  I think the fact that Zoe recognised this was a subject which needed talking about, turned it into a hashtag and a brilliant series which has brought people together and smashed stigma is an amazing and kind-hearted thing to do.  It makes me happy to see so many mums have got involved and I think each one of them is courageous for sharing their stories.  I love reading the new posts each Friday, it has certainly made me realise I am not alone as a young mum, it has surprised me to read of so many similar accounts of discrimination but I think this series will help so many young mums to stand up against being made to feel inferior or isolated, and know that – as Zoe said – we are all in this ‘mum club’ together.

I am honoured to have taken part in the series and I would like to thank Zoe for making these conversations happen.  Zoe talks openly about a lot of other great topics, such as learning to love your post baby body and the truth about Insta Mums, she shares the real side of motherhood.  People need to take note because the world will be a better place with more people like Zoe in it, people who are honest and don’t sugar-coat everything, because this is life, not a competition and we should all support one another.  So what are you waiting for… go check her out here.  And if you want to take part in the wonderful #YoungMumsProject then contact Zoe on
zoe@mummyandlissblog.com .



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