What Makes You Happy? Week 3 with Gemma

Welcome back everyone, we’re now into week 3 of this wonderful series, wahoo!  Today we meet the gorgeous Gemma who runs a great family and lifestyle blog you just have to check out, but before you do, take a read of her guest post below which will have you grinning and giggling throughout…

Hiya Guys, I’m Gemma from over at Mummy in the Mad House. Firstly, I would like to thank the lovely Katie for asking me to take part in writing a guest post for her What Makes You Happy? series. At a time when we are all under pressure & life has become busy with a whole new selection of challenges, this series can be an opportunity to take time to be thankful for what makes us smile. Building personal resilience is something I have written about a lot over on my blog & it remains something that I am passionate about.

Here is a list of things that make me happy:

  1. My family – I know it’s an obvious one, but MR.B & our three children really do make me happier than I ever thought possible. I could probably fill this whole list with things about them but that would be boring, so I’ll just do one or two.
  2. My children laughing – My baby thinks the silliest things are side-splittingly hilarious. Yesterday, his whole body was shaking with uncontrolled laughter when I was pouring pasta into a saucepan. He thought the noise was so funny, I did it four times. His big brother & sister make each other (& Baby) laugh in a way no one else can. They will giggle away uncontrollably for ages. I have a quite a few videos on my phone of my children laughing & if I’m ever having a bad day, that always makes it better.
  3. Holding hands with MR.B – We have three kids aged 9, 7 & 13 months. If we’re all out together, we’re pushing a buggy, holding children’s hands, carrying change bags, bikes & scooters. Recently in the park, he held my hand & it was so lovely.
  4. Reading books to my children – Bedtime stories are one of my favourite parts of the day. It’s even more amazing now my 9 & 7 year olds can read them too me.
  5. The sound of the sea – I live in the beautiful County of sunny Dorset so I always have the sea on my doorstep. I love the sound of the waves, the salty smell, the freshness of the air. No matter what is going on in my life, seeing the sea reminds me I’m just a small part of this big old world & somehow things will always work out in the end.
  6. Cooking – I find it relaxing, exciting, therapeutic, calming. I’m not an amazing chef by any stretch of the imagination, & sometimes I get it horribly wrong, but I love experimenting with food & flavours & eating delicious meals with my family.
  7. Sunny days – Nothing like a beautiful sunshiny day to bring a smile to your face.
  8. Singing really loudly in the car or the house on my own – To music I want to listen to, rather than what my children choose. Usually cheesy 80s pop or SKA music. Ah, so exhilarating.
  9. Walking bare-foot in the sand – I love the freedom of bare feet, the feeling of sand between my toes, the little exfoliation they’re getting courtesy of Mother Nature. Just as long as the sand is not too hot!
  10. Nights out with my girlfriends – It’s so lovely to socialise with my friends without our children present & have actual conversations that don’t end abruptly because one of us needs to change a nappy/take a toddler to the toilet/break up a squabble etc.
  11. A hot shower in the morning – No matter how little sleep I’ve had, as long as I get a hot shower in the morning, I’m good to go. I’m even happier if it’s an uninterrupted shower without any of my three children in the bathroom at the same time. Which happens quite a lot!
  12. When someone else cooks me a meal – As the stay-at-home parent, I do about 95% of the cooking in our house. It’s always such a treat when someone else cooks for me. And if they clean up too.
  13. When I wake up & realise my children have given me a lie-in – Granted, it’s usually only until about 7.15am at the absolute latest, but three young children managing to coordinate sleeping in late is an event in itself. Those extra minutes are so appreciated.
  14. When people phone, rather than text – I am as guilty of this as anyone, but as I have friends who live all over the country, it’s so lovely to hear their voices & chat for an hour, rather than a text conversation that goes on for days as we’re all so busy with our children we forget to reply.
  15. Getting glammed up for a big night out – Heels, a dress, a shed-load of make-up, jewellery & perfume. It’s so nice to feel gorgeous every once in a while.
  16. Walking in nature. Seeing beautiful flowers growing in the park, blossom on trees, catching a squirrel running through the woods, a butterfly fluttering by.
  17. When something good happens to one of my friends – Perhaps when I was younger, part of me would have felt jealous but now their happiness just makes me happy.
  18. Extended family get-togethers – Such fun to see aunties, uncles, nieces, nephews, parents, cousins, grandparents, second cousins, great aunts & uncles & so on. Doesn’t happen very often, but always makes me feel so blessed.
  19. Family day trips – It’s such fun to head off somewhere exciting for the day.
  20. Writing lists – I love being organised & key to that is writing handy little lists for everything. Ticking everything off when I’ve done it also makes me happy.

There you have it, 20 things that make me happy & writing this proved to myself that there is something to be happy & thankful for every single day. All you need to do is count your blessings.

If you want to see more from me & my crazy, mad mummy life please come & say hello over at my Facebook, Instagram or tweet me @Gemma_Horlock.


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