Wonderful Wednesdays – Mindful Millie

Earlier this year I came across a young lady online by the name of Louise Tribble, who like me, was a big fan of mindfulness.  After hitting the follow button, I soon discovered that Louise had a new book coming out called Mindful Millie, a book all about mindfulness, aimed at children!  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it.

I’m sure you all know by now that at the end of last year I went through a period of depression, and it wasn’t until afterwards that I discovered mindfulness.  Nearly a year on and mindfulness is now a huge part of my life, it has so many benefits and it really helps me to keep my mental health in check.  So, when I saw this book aimed at children, I couldn’t help but think it was just a wonderful idea, because if mindfulness had been introduced to me whilst I was growing up I might have incorporated it into my life sooner and been using it as a management technique for my mental struggles for much longer than I have been.

And this book has done just that for my children, they have now been introduced to mindfulness from an early age, and what’s also great about it is the fact that the children don’t see it as learning, it’s a fun, interactive and beautifully illustrated book which they love to get involved in.  It’s easy to read with big writing which both my 2 and 4-year-old enjoyed and understood, in fact it was a joy for all of us to sit down and read together, it has encouraged each of us to slow down and acknowledge the world around us more, like the friendly elephant Millie within the story.  It includes some mini activities for the children to put mindfulness into practice, and as we all know, children are like sponges when it comes to learning, they absorb so much and I hope that by reading books like this will instil mindfulness skills within them for life, giving them a helping hand to tackle any challenges they may face as they grow up.

The book also touches on our emotions and shows children that it’s okay to be sad and communicate your feelings, I think this is such an important message, echoing that of the “it’s okay not to be okay” motto.  It is things such as this book which will help to improve our children’s future and mental wellbeing, it makes me hopeful that the peak in mental health problems we are currently seeing will not last forever.  With books like Mindful Millie raising awareness, making mindfulness part of everyday life and stopping mental health from being treated as a taboo topic, this is sure to help end the stigma for our future generations.  So make Mindful Millie a part of your children’s bookshelf today by clicking here, it could have a wonderfully positive impact on their future.



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