What Makes You Happy? Week 7 with Jess

Welcome all, to week 7 of my What Makes You Happy? guest series. Today we hear from Jess, who you may know better as Prosecco Mum, her light-hearted and witty contribution to the series left me in stitches, so I’m thrilled to let her take it from here…

Hi, I’m Jess – aka Prosecco Mum. I drink too much prosecco which often makes me wish I wasn’t a mother when I wake up with a hangover and children jumping all over my head and wailing like banshees. Then I think if it wasn’t for the kids I probably wouldn’t be driven to drink so much, so I guess I have them to be thankful for my increased fizz intake. Every cloud.

Of course, I jest.

As well as being a mummy to my two gorgeous children – Sofia (3.5 years) & Arlo (6 months), I’m also a wife and when not on maternity leave, I work as a marketing manager at a design agency.

Generally, I’m a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of girl, I have fantastic family and friends and from the outset there’s not a lot for me to be unhappy about. But sometimes there are those days when you wake up and you just feel down in the dumps, and can’t be bothered to stick on the happy face, so I thought I’d reflect on the things that make me happy – no matter how big or small.

  1. Seeing my children interact and play together – now that Arlo is almost six months he’s getting so much more aware of his surroundings and interacts. He absolutely adores Sofia – even when she’s got him in a choke hold or squishing his cheeks just that little bit too tight, he thinks she is hilarious. Hearing them giggle and laugh really does make my heart melt.
  2. Date night with my husband – these are now few and far between so when they happen I love every second. We probably talk about the kids the majority of the evening but hey, there’s no one attached to our limbs yelling ‘mummmmmmaaaayyyy & dadddddaaaayyyy’.
  3. Spending time with friends in or out – I am really grateful for the friends I have, I’m the sort of person where if I have to make any sort of effort then I can’t be bothered to be friends. Luckily, my friendship circle fit the bill. I love a good night out, but equally love a PJ night with a takeout and a sack load of snacks to munch whilst talking absolute shit to each other. With no make-up on.
  4. Learning to say no – I’ve only recently started to learn this but I’m getting better. I’m a bit of a people pleaser and I hate the thought of letting people down. Do you know those days when you have no plans because you want no plans? When people used to ask me to do something I’d feel lame to say no if I had no plans, so I’d always end up going along. Nowadays, I’m much better at saying ‘do you know what, I just wanna chill and there’s no other reason than I really can’t be bothered today’. This makes me happy!
  5. Spontaneity – life can often be hum drum, stuck in the same routine day in, day out. So sometimes it’s nice just to say ‘Sod it, I’d planned lasagne for dinner tonight but let’s go out instead’ or just calling a friend and planning to do something that evening.
  6. Holidays – leaving normal life behind. It’s nice to have both hands on deck, no washing or daily grind to think about and just enjoying quality time with my family.
  7. Making time for me – now, this is super rare but the days that pigs fly past the window, I love nothing more than reading a book, in peace and no TV on. It’s blissful in itself to give the BabyTV babysitter a break and not have to listen to any of that Billy & Bam Bam bullshit.
  8. No plans weekends – these don’t happen nearly enough but how nice is it when they do? Just being able to laze about, no set time to be anywhere or no one specific to meet. Ahhhhh.
  9. Going on stairs/escalators – this to me is heaven. No waiting for lifts, no silent curses about those people who wait for the lifts and are more than capable of walking the stairs as they have no pushchair.
  10. Finding a parent and child car parking space – it’s like the holy grail.
  11. Payday! Those five hours when I see my account in the black before it rapidly descends down into the red again and I cross off the next 30 days until the next one.
  12. A full night’s sleep – not that I know what this is anymore, but I know that this would make me beyond happy.

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