What Makes You Happy? Week 8 with Hanna

Welcome to week 8 of my What Makes You Happy? guest series. This week it’s Hanna’s turn to spread a little happiness around the place, so grab a cuppa and snuggle up for this endearing read…

Hello, my name is Hanna and I am a 23-year-old mum to my little girl Darcie. She is 17 months now and into everything which certainly keeps me busy! I blog at www.littlesnippets.co.uk and you can also find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I left work to be a stay at home mum when I had her and while I am so glad I made that decision, I have been on a bit of a rollercoaster of emotion. Becoming a stay at home mum was a total life change for me; I used to be a shop manager and was used to dealing with lots of different people every day and making ‘important’ decisions on a daily basis. Giving that up to be at home with one person all day every day, who can’t talk or thank you for your hard work, is certainly an adjustment! But it is one I feel I have got to grips with now and I’ve found that focussing on little things that make me happy has helped me massively. I’ve always be a very happy and positive person and I never want to lose that!

So here are my five top things that make me happy:

  1. My daughter – I couldn’t write this list and not include her. Sometimes being a mum is such hard but when I look at my daughter, it is all worth it. I love seeing how well she is growing and developing and every day she does something new that makes me proud. She’s developing a great sense of humour and I can’t help but laugh both at and with her! She has also recently started coming over and giving me a hug or a kiss of her own accord and there’s no better feeling in the world.
  2. My family and friends – They drive me mad at times but I wouldn’t change them for the world. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by so many kind and wonderful people that all bring something different to mine and my daughter’s life. She is so blessed to grow up knowing how loved she is and to have so many people in her life that can teach her all sorts of different things but that all have good hearts and morals.
  3. My blog and my business – I have been blogging for over a year now and have also set up a business selling handmade dreamcatchers and nursery décor. Since starting to work from home I have found another level of fulfilment that I was missing since becoming a stay at home mum. I’ve always been fiercely independent particularly when it comes to money, so giving that up and relying on my boyfriend was really hard for me to process. Now I am starting to bring in money of my own and I love contributing to the family pot. I love that my blog also gives myself and my daughter opportunities to do different things and try new products that we would not have done otherwise.
  4. Food – I just love food. I love cooking it, trying new things, going out to restaurants and ordering it in. I have a constant battle of wanting to eat all the food I can but also wanting to stay slim. It’s tough! There’s nothing better for me than sitting down after a long day of looking after a toddler and enjoying a hot, home cooked meal with my boyfriend (and maybe a cheeky glass of wine!)
  5. Being outside – I’m such an outdoorsy person which is handy when you have a toddler who is exactly the same. If I am ever having a difficult or stressful day, just getting outside will always lift my mood. I feel a definite decrease in my mood if I have a whole day indoors and so we go outside at least once a day, even if that’s just for a walk to the local park or to go and splash in some puddles. I would love to move out to the countryside and spend even more time outdoors than we already do. A girl can dream!

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