Creative Play with Bumblebee Chocolate Lollipops

When I became a stay at home parent, I devised a little schedule to keep us in some sort of routine, and also to help me plan activities for my children.  Both of my children had previously attended nursery whilst I was at work, which was a great springboard for my eldest as he started school, so I was keen to keep up the fun learning aspect of things for my youngest.  Each day we try to dedicate some time to learning, I like to keep it varied, fun, and not too onerous, and as such, each Wednesday we have a mid-week treat break from the more structured learning, and we learn through creative play.  I have some great books full of ideas which I’ll have to share another time, but today I wanted to show you what we’ve been making.

Courtesy of Chocolate at Home, we were able to become chocolatiers for the day from the comfort of our very own home, with this gorgeous Bumblebee chocolate lollipop kit!  The box contains everything you need and the contents were neatly wrapped in tissue paper making them great as gifts too, the instructions were simple and easy to follow and in no time we were on our way to making 8 delicious chocolate lollipops.  My daughter loved stirring the chocolate as it melted, and of course she loved cleaning out the bowl afterwards, but before we got to that point I had to pour our melted chocolate onto the trays lined with the bumblebee transfers to form our lollipops.  I have to admit I was a little nervous about getting a nice round shape, however I think the key is not to rush once the chocolate has melted, the instructions advise you to stir for 2-3 minutes, and I was sat there wondering why we needed to wait and couldn’t just get on with it (that’s the impatient side of me showing), but as the chocolate got less runnier it clicked that it would hold its shape better this way.

As our lollies formed before our eyes, we pressed the little sticks into them and also experimented with some marshmallows and crushed biscuit too.  Just a few moments later, after a little refrigeration, it was time to peel our lollipops from the transfers and watch our bumblebees magically appear on the chocolate.  My daughter squealed in delight, “I love it!” she exclaimed.  I have to say, I was really pleased with the end result too, the bumblebees transferred really well and they took no time at all to make, there was no baking involved, and very little mess.  Everyone was happy.  The chocolate was a really lovely yummy quality chocolate too, needless to say they didn’t hang around in our house for long.

Whilst it may not have been the most educational of activities, my daughter did learn how to melt chocolate, which is a great life skill to have, right?  And plus, we had loads of fun, so what’s not to love.  These kits are great for at home, as gifts or even at kids parties, the box contains little bags and ties so that you could make them as individual gifts or to include in party bags and so on, the possibilities are endless.  And you can get your hands on some right here.

This kit was kindly gifted to me for reviewing, however all opinions are my own.

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