What Makes You Happy? Week 10 with Alannah

After a little break, I’m pleased to be welcoming you back to my What Makes You Happy guest series this week and introducing you to the lovely Alannah. This amazing and inspirational young lady gives us an insight into her life whilst sharing a great bunch of things which make her happy, and I’m sure they can make you happy too…

Hey everyone! I’m pretty sure none of you are familiar with me. My name is Alannah Murray, and I run a blog called Wheelie Healthy. I started it last summer, and it’s a blog that started as an Instagram account. It focuses on giving people with chronic illnesses a place where they don’t have to pretend that everything is alright, and offering them a chance to write about their lives. I also share my own thoughts, and also really easy recipes for living a little bit healthier. Having been in a wheelchair for the past decade, the importance of finding the happiness of life can’t be emphasised enough. This great series is providing a place for positivity in a world that can be really ugly sometimes.

So, without further ado, here’s my list of five things that make me happy:

  1. Winter – I for one ADORE winter. The weather getting colder means you get to pull out the massive jumpers that swallow you whole, it’s socially acceptable to wear bed socks wherever you go, and it means a LOT of hot chocolate. Everything smells like chimney smoke in the evenings, and it’s cold enough for that extra blanket that you love. Plus, Christmas candles… I’m one of the people who loves sitting in and listening to the rain, and in Ireland we get plenty. My birthday is just before Christmas as well, plus the actual day of Christmas means I get to eat. A lot.
  2. Notebooks – My second most prized possessions consist of my notebooks. I have one in particular, an old purple one that I’ve had for about 2 years now. I got it for college work but I never wrote notes (I typed, before you think I’m a bad student). I’ve poured my heart and soul into it, being honest. It’s less a diary and more a collection of scribbles, between poems and doodles that go with them. Then I have an unlined notebook that’s more like a sketch book that’s basically the same thing but it’s artier than the purple book. Both are technically the same thing, but they represent two very different periods in my life. 2016 me is vastly different to current 2017 me and I’m glad that the two of them will never meet. I’m glad that I had an outlet to release my creativity because it just makes me feel better to either look at a collection of words that means so much to me, or that I was expelling all the negativity in a healthy and creative way rather than letting it fester.
  3. Music – My entire mood for the day depends on the music I listen to, my mood in general actually. Similarly, my music taste varies on the mood I want to have for the day. Particularly going back to college, I find it really therapeutic for my anxiety to make playlists. It all depends on what you listen to I guess, I really can’t put a stamp on my music taste. I have classical stuff to sleep to, indie folk to work to, RNB and Hip Hop to hype myself up with, Pop to dance to with my friends. That’s the thing I love about music, it can change someone’s mood and it can communicate so many different messages and emotions.
  4. The Outdoors – So, where I live is rather rural, and because of the windy roads I’m kind of confined to being at home. It sounds worse than it is. What I mean is, I can’t really go for walks (rolls?) in the evenings if the weather is decent. I’ve been in a wheelchair since I was 9 or 10 but before then I was always quite active, so I loved being able to move freely from place to place. Since I got my new power assist chair, it nearly feels like I’ve got my legs back. When I’m in the city I can just push to my heart’s content without any kind of fatigue. Plus, I have the walks I mentioned during the dog point. I’d definitely say I’m at my calmest when I’m out and about, the stereotypical “I like long walks on the beach” type (except beaches aren’t wheelchair accessible, sadly).
  5. Girls supporting girls – This is one of my favourites. So as a girl, we’re told to see each other as competition. In recent times, I think there’s a lot less off that and more women coming together and actually supporting each other. I for one think the best example of this is the most sacred of womanly spaces; night club bathrooms. Is there anything that makes you feel better other than a girl telling you that they love your dress or your makeup on a night out? A girl stopped me the other day and said “Your makeup is really nice, I just wanted to tell you!” and honestly I felt like Beyoncé all day. It doesn’t take much to change someone’s day, and with the media constantly promoting that girls need to be in competition, it’s always nice to find solidarity in sisterhood.

Thank you for reading! If you want, you can follow me on social media using the links below –
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-Alannah xoxo


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