How to Prepare for a House Move

Moving to a new house can be an extremely stressful time even for the most organised people! When done properly, it should take a few weeks of preparation. In January, our family of seven plus two dogs and one cat moved home. At the time it was a very daunting task as there was so much to do. There were a few pieces of advice I wish I had known before making the move including starting the process a little earlier.  

We got there in the end but to make things a little easier for you, I’ve set out a timeline to make what seems like the biggest of burdens a little less intimidating. 

Twelve weeks before

At this point, you will most likely feel as though there is not much to do for your big move, however doing a little, bit by bit will make all the difference in the future. 

This is the best time to consider what you would like to bring with you and which items you can leave behind. Sell or donate anything you don’t feel particularly attached to especially if you are moving into a smaller place. By donating the items you have done a good deed and by selling them, it allows you to make some cash for all that new furniture we know you are super excited to buy.  We ended up donating around 3 carloads of household goods, childrens clothing, toys and more. We even sold about 1/4 of our furniture to make room for new pieces.

This is also the best time to look into removalists companies. Look out for positive reviews and get in touch with the removalists themselves to find out how much they charge, how far they are willing to travel and any other important information that will help when it comes to making your decision. An excellent option is Hire A Mover. They have the professionalism and expertise to take charge of your move with competitive rates and no hidden fees. They are fully insured in case any issues arise, and they are available 7 days a week. By hiring professionals this means you do not have to juggle your family and their needs while stressing about potential breakages or forgetting something. The staff at Hire A Mover do this every day and can take that stress away while you enjoy this exciting new time with your family!

Six weeks before

Hopefully by this point you have organised your possessions into what you would like to bring with you. Consider how you plan on storing your items for the move. If you will not need the boxes after the move, then you should rent boxes to remove clutter once you have settled into your new house but also to cut down on costs. Check out Hire A Box who offer the choice to rent or buy moving boxes.  Now is also the best time to sort admin tasks associated with moving home such as notifying schools. This is all boring yet absolutely necessary stuff!

Four weeks before

Around this time you should start packing your boxes with items such as seasonal sports equipment and clothes you will not need over the next few weeks leading up to the move. This saves the monumental task right before the big day. You should also notify utility companies at this point and your landlord if you are renting.

Two weeks before

Now is the time to really start co-ordinating and getting your stuff in order. Make sure you label everything to make your life easier once you’re in your new place, and make sure to clean everything thoroughly as you go along. If you are running behind schedule, consider using a professional packing company like Hire A Box who can come in a day or two before the move to pack everything up into boxes for you.

On the big day

Congratulations! You’ve made it this far so there’s no going back. Something a lot of people don’t consider is packing an overnight bag, so you don’t have to unpack all your boxes on the first day. Try to also have your children’s bedrooms set up first so they can settle and have somewhere to go whilst you unpack and organise the rest of the house.  This is something I’ve learnt along the way and can make the move alot less stressful especially if you have little ones.  If you have followed all of the above steps, all that should be left to do is help your removalists get everything shifted and to say adios to your former property!

This article was written in collaboration with Hire A Mover, a professional removalist company and Influencer Management Service- #AsSeenOn.

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